Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sick Baby

I woke up at 1:30 am to hear Ethan coughing, so I went in to check on him. Just as I opened the door, I heard him gag and then throw up. Poor little guy. So, we got in the shower and got on fresh jammies, then he came to bed with Steve and I. He decided that meant party time and he just grinned at me. Then, he got more and more excited until he was sitting up, chatting and laughing. Yeah, I don't think so. I took him back to his room and rocked him until he was sufficiently drowsy, then laid him down and rubbed his back until he was really drowsy. All in all, it was 3:45 by the time I got back to bed and I was beat.

Steve woke up with him around 7 and discovered he had gotten sick again, so we decided no church or Sunday School for the triplets today. I needed sleep and Steve needed to take care of babies, so I could sleep. I took Austin and Aidan, then came home to rest for an hour, then Steve went to the traditional service and I took Austin and Aidan to our regular (contemporary) service tonight. It works well for us to do it that way when someone can't go.

We gave them scrambled eggs for supper last night, so I am hoping it wasn't the eggs that made Ethan sick. But he has had them once before and did OK with them. Plus he was running a low-grade fever and just looked very icky all day. I don't think it was the eggs, but he isn't getting any again for a while, just to be sure!

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